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Snoring Problems

The Greater Montreal Sleep Clinic offers an initial consultation with one of our sleep disorder specialists to determine what causes your snoring, the required tests, and possible solutions. If need be, sleep apnea testing may also be prescribed.

Why should I consult a specialist for my snoring?

Many people are not bothered by their snoring. However, there are many reasons why a person should consult a specialist.

For your spouse,
Some partners are bothered by their spouse’s snoring, their sleep can be bothered, resulting in chronic fatigue and maybe even relationship problems.
If you are a snorer’s spouse or your snoring bothers a loved one, we encourage you to consult our sleep clinic.

For your own health; diagnose sleep apnea
Sometimes, snoring may be associated to a sleeping disorder called sleep apnea. This can cause daytime fatigue, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

How does a consultation work?

Your initial consultation has 2 major purposes:

  • Find a solution to stop or minimize your snoring,
  • Screen for sleep apnea

We suggest your spouse accompany you.

At your initial evaluation, a specialist will determine if sleep apnea testing is required by asking you questions about your sleep and alertness. The specialist will also take into account your past medical history and will examine your upper airway.

What are the solutions?

During your first visit, the specialist will propose different long term solutions to stop or minimize your snoring. The treatment will depend on whether or not you have sleep apnea.

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Sleep apnea may be diagnosed by polysomnography or a home sleep test. You will need a medical prescription in order to undergo these tests.

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