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Positional Therapy

Positional Therapy

Positional therapy can treat sleep apnea in people who primarily sleep on their backs. It can be used along with other sleep apnea treatments such as CPAP or oral appliances.
However, it is solely recommended for mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Positional sleep therapy simply forces patients to sleep on their sides in order to prevent the airway to collapse. Many different devices can accomplish this.

Here are some available products :

  • The tenis ball: A tenis ball is attached with a belt to the patient’s back or inserted in a pocket on the back of a shirt.
  • The bumper belt: A belt with 3 inflatable bumpers worn on the patient’s back
  • The Back-pack: A back-pack filled with a cushion, a big ball or a bulky item.
  • Body pillow: placed alongside the patient’s body.
  • Posture alarm: An alarm is triggered whenever a patient is on their back.

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Abnormal breathing or snoring can lead to frequent awakenings throughout the night. These awakenings can go unnoticed and can have serious health consequences.

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