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In-Lab Sleep Study

What is an in-lab sleep study?

You should consider taking a Polysomnography (PSG) if you’ve been prescribed an in-lab sleep test by your doctor, if you hope to meet one of our sleep specialists so you can do the test, or if the results of your home respiratory polygraph always comes up normal but your doctor suspects the presence of another sleep disorder.

This test can determine the source of your sleeping problems and can ensure that you have received the proper diagnosis regarding a sleep disorder. It is the gold standard in sleep testing and provides more information than other test like the home respiratory polygraph (HRP).

Just like the HPR, it will record multiple physiological parameters such as airflow, thoracic and/or abdominal effort, heart rate, body position and oxygen saturation of the blood. Furthermore, the PSG monitors the cerebral activity (EEG), cardiac activity (ECG), muscle activity or skeletal muscle activation (EMG) and eye movement (EOG).

The polysomnography is an overnight test and takes place at a sleep center/laboratory under the constant supervision of a respiratory therapist.

Our sleep laboratory has recently opened and we made sure to choose the newest equipment so you can count on cutting-edge technology in a modern environment.

We offer spacious, elegant and soundproofed rooms to make sure you feel comfortable during your stay and to make you forget that you’re actually here for a sleep study.

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How can I make an appointment for a clinical sleep test?

1: If you do not have a prescription, contact our clinic and book an appointment with one of our specialisst. The specialist will be able to assign you the right test.

2: If you have a prescription, contact us to book an appointment for the test.

The sleep test in the laboratory is located in downtown Montreal. You will sleep in a comfortable bed and have all the commodities such as a bathrobe, shower etc.

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What is the next step?

The results will be transmitted to your doctor.

The data will be analyzed and interpreted by a specialist in sleep medicine. The specialist will determine if you suffer from sleep apnea/or other sleep pathologies.

Your results will be given to you by your doctor or one of our sleep clinic doctors. Further therapies will be suggested.