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Home Respiratory Polygraphy (HRP) – Level 3 Sleep Study

Home Respiratory Polygraphy (HRP) – Level 3 Sleep Study

Home respiratory polygraphy, commonly known as a home sleep study, is a good alternative to polysomnography. It is simpler and conducted in the confort of your own home.

The home sleep study is primarily used to explore respiratory disorders. It’s generally indicated for patients at high risk for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Home respiratory polygraphy and polysomnography test can both be prescribed by one of our sleep specialists following an initial consultation.

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What to expect ?

Once the test is prescribed by your doctor or one of our sleep specialists, you will meet with one of our respiratory therapist. She will take the time to carefully explain the whole procedure and walk you through how the different sensors are installed.

The portable device records multiple physiological parameters throughout the night, such as:

  • Oxygen saturation of the blood;
  • Heart rate;
  • Airflow;
  • Thoracic effort;
  • Abdominal effort;
  • Body position.

What next?

Once the test complete, the device is brought back to one of our respiratory therapist who will analyze the data. The report will then be interpreted by a sleep specialist.

As previously mentioned, HRP only evaluates obstructive sleep apnea. Other sleep disorders such as periodic limb movements, excessive sleepiness and REM sleep behavior disorder cannot be diagnosed by HRP.

If HRP come back negative, or a sleep specialist suspects another sleep disorder, a laboratory-based polysomnography is required for further testing.
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Setup instructions

Please watch the following videos to learn more about this sleep test and how to instal the device.

Model Alice Night One, Respironics
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Model Alice PDX, Respironics
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