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What happens if I do not wear my CPAP for one night?

What happens if I do not wear my CPAP for one night?

You may decide not to wear your CPAP for one night for the following reasons: a cold with nasal congestion, night spent away from home, power failure, etc.

Some treatments, prescription glasses for example, only work when used. In the case of continuous positive airway pressure therapy with a CPAP device, it is not as simple.

CPAP, when used regularly, allows opening of the airways and counteracting against snoring and apnea. Over time, it helps reduce the inflammation caused by OSA. Since the volume of tissue is reduced, airways open easily and thus facilitate breathing. OSA symptoms may therefore take some time to resume.
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Some patients fear that stopping their CPAP temporarily put their health at risk. They remember the risk of sudden death, stroke, or other heart problems their doctor told them about. You should know that the risk of these events happening after not using your CPAP for one night is infinitely small. Sleep apnea should be seen as a long-term risk factor.  It can be compared to smoking: one cigarette will probably have no significant effect in the short term, but if you continue smoking for 30 years it will definitely damage your health.

You should not worry if ever something unexpected happens and your CPAP stays home and you have to sleep elsewhere. If your trip is planned, you can try bringing your CPAP with you to keep up your good habit. Otherwise, restart the treatment as soon as possible in order to continue benefiting from these effects on your long term health.

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