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Is there a link between caffeine consumption and sleep apnea?

Is there a link between caffeine consumption and sleep apnea?

My husband drank a lot of soda. Since he stopped drinking it, his sleep apnea has improved. Is there a link between these caffeinated drinks and sleep apnea?

There are very few studies that have been done to determine the link between caffeine and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Among those published, the results are contradictory. One of the studies seemed to show a link between caffeinated soft drinks and an increase in apnea severity. However, the same study could not link coffee or tea with apnea. It is therefore difficult to conclude that caffeine is directly

You should also know that caffeine is used in neonatology departments to prevent apnea episodes in premature babies. Doctors prescribe the drug to stimulate the child so that he does not stop breathing during sleep.
For now, it is not scientifically possible to conclude the link between caffeine and sleep apnea.

The fact that your husband has stopped drinking soft drinks is a positive change that may have influenced his body weight. Losing weight is a major factor influencing the severity of sleep apnea.

For more tips on healthy habits that reduce snoring, read our article about this subject.


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