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Is palatal surgery effective against apnea?

Is palatal surgery effective against apnea?

Although patients with mild sleep apnea may see their condition improved after palatal surgery, it is not recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. A scientific literature review has identified a total of eight studies on the use of palate surgery to treat sleep apnea. The average apnea reduction was deceptive in most studies. Two of them recorded a worsening of symptoms.

Sleep apnea treatment first and foremost requires a sleep assessment by polysomnographic. This allows the sleep professional to confirm the diagnosis and assess the severity of the problem. Depending on the clinical examination, the professional may suggest different solutions. Non-surgical treatments are usually tried first, because of their conservative nature. If they are ineffective, sleep apnea correction by surgery may be offered.

Palate surgeries generally attempt to rebuild or strengthen the mobile portion of the soft palate. This part of the palate collapses during sleep and vibrates with air passage, therefore causing the snoring. Palate surgeries aim to correct this problem.

To know more about this, we invite you to visit our page on palate surgeries. You will find information about different types of treatment.


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