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Is the new apnea treatment by electrical stimulation available in Canada?

Is the new apnea treatment by electrical stimulation available in Canada?

We understand your interest in this new apnea treatment because it is a very promising one. This treatment by electrical stimulation is currently not approved by Health Canada. This treatment, marketed under the name of Inspire ®, has however been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in April 2014, which is usually a contributing acceptance factor of the treatment by Canadian authorities. It is unfortunately not possible to accurately estimate when it will be available in Canada.

This treatment involves implanting a small device that causes electrical stimulation to the hypoglossal nerve that controls the pharyngeal muscles. This stimulation is strong enough to restore muscle tone and open the airway without waking up the patient.


Photo utilisée avec la permission de Inspire Medical Systems

The studies conducted suggest that the treatment is effective and reduces AHI and hypoxia. These studies seem very credible and some were published by the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.

For more information on this treatment, please consult our page about “Correction of apnea by surgery“.

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