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I saw a device on the Internet against snoring. Is it effective?

I saw a device on the Internet against snoring. Is it effective?


A reliability problem

The internet is full of websites selling different products to counter snoring. The main attractions these websites put forward are that devices are inexpensive and there is no need to consult a professional in order to get them. Everything is presented in a tempting way and the offer seems too good to be true.

What seems too good can actually hide the truth. Most media who sell these devices are not linked to any professional order and profit is often their main priority. Some scientific facts reported are incomplete or simply wrong. The studies presented are often carried out by the group that sells the device in question and the results are usually biased in favour of the product.

A sleep professional is a person who studied in the medical field. One of the fundamental principles of modern medicine is the so-called “evidence-based practice”. For any treatment offered in our clinic, we will be happy to answer your questions and introduce you to the independent literature that justifies its use. Our professionals are also bound by the ethical codes of their professional orders, to which you can have recourse in case of litigation. It is difficult to say the same for most web sellers.


Snoring is probably not just simply snoring

In our opinion, the main problem devices sold on the Internet present is self-diagnosis. If you buy a device in order to solve your snoring problem, this may hide underlying sleep apnea. This is a serious condition that can have important consequences on your health. A professional evaluation with a sleep study is ESSENTIAL if you have any doubt about your condition. To help you decide whether you should be evaluated, we suggest you do our online test.

Buying on the Internet

Once the diagnosis of only snoring is confirmed, your sleep professional can offer you solutions. You could still decide to invest in a product offered online and possibly benefit form its use. If it does not turn out to be effective, you will not put your health at stake, because only having a snoring problem has no impact on the physical health of the individual who snores.

Some devices purchased on the Internet can cause tooth movement because most are not personalized to your own teeth and no professional follow-up is done. Make sure you have a regular follow-up with a dentist because the tooth movement is irreversible (except by orthodontic treatment) and can lead to the loss of one or more teeth if too pronounced.

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