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How much can snoring affect my relationship?

How much can snoring affect my relationship?


Snoring can affect both your spouse’s sleep quality and your own. Loud snoring can compromise a couple’s relationship and may sometimes require partners to sleep in separate rooms. This can affect a couple’s intimacy and therefore progressively set lovers apart.

There are several good reasons to treat snoring. These include good quality sleep and health problems prevention. Maintaining a harmonious relationship is an equally important reason, as it can improve a patient’s mental health and well-being.

Sometimes snoring can be a source of conflict and frustration in a relationship. The person who is sleep deprived by the partner’s snoring is frustrated and the snorer feels guilty, ashamed, and helpless. These feelings may set apart even the closest of couples.

Although some couples do not feel affected by sleeping in separate rooms, most people will prefer to find a solution in order to sleep together again. In fact, most couples will see a decrease in physical contact over time when forced to sleep in separate rooms because of their partner’s snoring. This lack of physical proximity will inevitably affect the couple’s emotional connection.

Several treatments are now available to treat snoring. A consultation in a specialized clinic followed by a sleep study will help determine the exact cause of snoring and establish an appropriate treatment plan. The costs of these treatments are affordable but not covered by private insurance or Medicare when it comes to simple snoring without sleep apnea. Most treatments are very well tolerated and recovery is rapid with little pain. The evaluation, the treatment plan and the execution of it may take a total of six to eight weeks at our clinic.

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