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How do I convince my snoring husband to consult?

How do I convince my snoring husband to consult?

This situation is very common. A lot of patients with  snoring problems consult because a relative has made an appointment for them. Of course, you cannot force your spouse to seek treatment, but you can explain to him your concerns for his health. Explain to him the facts about the risks of sleep apnea: increased risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, etc.
Having a life partner who snores can be very frustrating. Studies show that a person sleeping next to a snorer loses an average of one hour of sleep per night. If your partner is not concerned with his own well-being, he should be for yours. Snoring has an impact on you and possibly on your relationship. Some partners realize the extent of the problem when their spouse begins to sleep in a separate room. Let him know that his behaviour affects those around him.

Finally, some people refuse to face reality. Perhaps because they are ashamed, they refuse to admit that they snore or they stop breathing. In these cases, recording your partner’s snoring is a solution that usually works well.


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