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Can children have sleep apnea?

Can children have sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea can affect individuals of any age. Children are therefore unfortunately not spared from this condition. Here are the symptoms that you should look out for:

  • Your child snores loudly. This can be accompanied by sounds of gasping or grunting.
  • Your child’s breathing temporarily stops for longer than two inspiration / expiration cycles.
  • Sweating at night due to the increased breathing effort.
  • Your child wakes up with a headache. He shows daytime sleepiness, irritability, hyperactivity or difficulty concentrating.

Apnea in children has characteristics that are slightly different from adults. The diagnostic criteria are somewhat stricter regarding AHI in children. Causes can also be a little different than those for adults. Naturally small airways children can make air passage difficult. With growth, it is possible that the problem disappears. Tonsils and adenoids are frequently the cause of snoring and apnea in children. Surgery can therefore solve the problem for most young patients. If that does not work, CPAP therapy may be considered.

Just like adults, be aware that an obesity problem increases the child’s risk of suffering from sleep apnea. A healthy lifestyle is necessary. We invite you to look at our page 10 tips to reduce snoring for more information.

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