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Are there solutions to my snoring problem?

Are there solutions to my snoring problem?

The answer to this question is yes! There are many solutions for a snoring problem and several of them are very effective.

Recognizing the snoring problem is the first step towards solving it. The next step is to consult a sleep specialist or a health professional that can assess your problem. Snoring can be a sleep apnea symptom which has adverse health consequences over time.
You will find many gadgets on the web that promise to solve your snoring problem. You should know that the effectiveness of these devices is often limited, plus they can sometimes cause damage to the teeth, oral tissues and nasal passages. However, the main problem of these non-prescribed devices is that they can hide a potential sleep apnea problem. It is essential to examine any snoring problem by consulting a professional to rule out sleep apnea that would require a different treatment.
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Solutions and advice on healthy lifestyle will be proposed once the snoring diagnosis is established. The mandibular advancement device (MAD) and the uvulopalatoplasty by radiofrequency are the most commonly recommended treatments to our patients. The MAD is particularly effective in patients who snore or have sleep apnea when lying on their back, which is a factor that may aggravate the problem, when compared to sleeping on your side or on your stomach.

During your consultation in a snoring and sleep apnea clinic, the specialist will present you the options that may work well for you. Snoring can be treated effectively. There is no reason to endure it any longer.


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