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Are chin straps an effective snoring treatment?

Are chin straps an effective snoring treatment?

Most patients who shared their experiences regarding the chin bandages purchased them over the Internet. Unfortunately, mainstream media frequently report incomplete or incorrect scientific results. This may mislead patients about the real impacts of a given treatment. Studies of companies offering various products to treat snoring and apnea are often misleading and findings are used to promote their products.

The chin straps are often used with a positive pressure (CPAP) therapy to prevent the pressurized air from escaping through the open mouth. However, their exclusive use brings few benefits. Although some studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of chin straps in the treatment of sleep apnea, the reported cases are anecdotal and the vast majority of patients will see no improvement in their sleep apnea and / or snoring when using these straps.

A study by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, a journal whose articles are reviewed by sleep experts before publication, reported in August 2014 having studied the cases of 26 patients with obstructive sleep apnea for which a treatment with a chin strap was done. Among these patients, none showed apnea or snoring improvement, which seems to confirm the limited effectiveness of this therapy.

Patients with mouth breathing and simple snoring could theoretically benefit from these devices. But most people who breath through their mouth at night, do so because of difficulty breathing through the nose. It would be more appropriate for these patients to first treat their nasal obstruction problem in order to obtain definitive symptom relief. The chin straps do not seem to be an effective treatment and should not be considered.


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